Venus Author John Barban Who is Factor?

John Barban Venus Factor.John Barban is the creator of the Venus factor system. He is also a world class expert in nutrition and physiology. He has a master’s degree in Human Biology at the University of Guelph in Ontario, and he used Exercise Physiology at the University of Florida teach.

In addition, he spent 8 years helping major brands to develop sports and weight loss supplements. ( In fact, if you have taken supplements by some of the biggest brands, you may have already seen his work. ) Today he is a full-time coach fitness and nutrition that has helped thousands of people achieve their fitness goals has.

A few years ago he wrote and published the Adonis Index Workout. This exercise helps men to achieve ideal proportions based on the exploration of physical attraction . He also helped develop the popular Brad Pilon Eat Stop Eat and Truth About Protein programs. Yet for all his expertise, John Barban was unable his sister Lisa (who I mentioned in a previous post ) to help.

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When Lisa reached out to John for help with their weight problem, he gave her the “perfect” diet and exercise program. But to his surprise, it was not very effective. Lisa exercised daily and stuck to the diet, but they did not lose much weight. And after she gave birth to her daughter, Page, her weight went back on.

Soon, weighed over 200 pounds that are dangerous to someone who is only 5’1 ¨. Over time, she sunk into a deep depression and was too embarrassed even to order food in restaurants. John hated it that way. His diet and exercise regimen worked for men, but none of them worked for his sister. How could that be?

A few years later, John was research for a company that makes the world’s most popular weight loss supplement for women. In his research, he found a female fat loss loophole. It was so groundbreaking, that he knew it would change everything.

He told Lisa about it immediately, and after applying their own lives, they had about 50 pounds of body fat and 12 dress sizes in just a few months. This breakthrough has not only change their size, it changed her personality. She was the proud, confident, beautiful woman she always wanted to be.

Everyone knows women have more difficulty losing weight, but most people do not know why. There are a multitude of factors, but the most important one has to do with a hormone called leptin. If women could use this hormone effectively, they could as easily as men to lose weight. Well, John took a safe and natural way to make that happen. He calls it overwrite Metabolic, and it is an important part of the Venus factor system.

If you think you have tried everything , think again. John Barban system is unlike anything you have ever seen. If you follow the Venus factor system, you can at least a dress size in a week and several drop within a month. There are no grueling cardio sessions, weird exercise equipment, strange diets or expensive supplements. It is a simple system that any woman can immediately implement. To learn more, visit the official website of Venus Factor.

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