The Women Hunger Mode Myth Debunked

You’ve probably heard of the term starvation mode.
Usually it means something like this:If you do not eat enough food, your body thinks it is starving. To save energy, it will then reduce the body’s metabolism and trying to save fat metabolism by muscle mass instead.

This may seem counter-intuitive. The whole reason your body stores fat is that it can go back to burning in times of famine.

In fact, if you eat very little that happens, your body starts to burn fat and keep lean muscle, and that’s why when we lose weight diet.

Only when you critically low body fat and eat more too few calories, then your body begins to burn muscle mass.

Women reach critically low body fat, the fat content makes up about 13% of the total body weight. This is very low.

the venus factor reviewsHow to lose weight without starving

Even models have not usually that low fat content. Tests have shown that many models have 16 % body fat, and this number has been be checked on a DEXA scan.

The message is that if you have less body fat than a competitive fitness model, you probably do not know what ” starvation mode ” feels as shown. Remember that even if you have a very low body fat percentage, you would still have to diet and to think further reduce your calorie intake for your body, it was starving.

While it is an acceptable concept, the idea of ​​lowering your metabolism and losing muscle mass, women must enforce an extremely low calorie diet and have very low body fat percentage to make this happen.

One thing to consider is the concept of equilibrium. It ‘s never good to be extreme about everything you do, or you will carry unpleasant consequences. You can not be an extreme diet.

For this reason, women should never restrict their calories for more than five days in a row and the sixth day, eat the number of calories you behind. This would be an extreme diet. It is even better to just eat a very limited diet for two days in a row.

The goal is to create some deficit so that your body gets rid of body fat. After two days, if you eat a normal, healthy diet, you are essentially putting your system restore hormone levels, feel happier and healthier as well.

For this reason, advises John Barban of The Venus Factor women restrict their calories for not more than five days in a row and the sixth day, eat the number of calories you behind. This would be an extreme diet. It is even better to just eat a very limited diet for two days in a row.

It is much better to know that you only have a few days “diet ” until you eat, get up against other diets that only more restrictive and more every day.

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